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Our Vision

IDTBS's philosophy is, the only way to reduce instances of identity theft and data loss is to educate businesses and assist with the implementation of best practices for safeguarding sensitive information in the workplace.  “Businesses are unaware of the role they play in identity theft victimization, and their responsibility to safeguard customer information”, which is now a federal mandate.

Meet the CEO

Mark Brown

Mark G. Brown Sr.

Founder & CEO

Since becoming the 64th person in the country to earn the title, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS), Mark G. Brown, Sr. has been known as one of the pioneers in the Privacy Management & Identity Theft Prevention Industries. With a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and more than 25 years experience in data security and systems management, Mr. Brown started his own privacy management firm, IDentity Theft Business Solutions, Inc. (IDTBS) and is the founder of The IDentity Theft Resource Center (IDTRC), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, in Florida.  The mission of IDTBS is to educate business owners, professionals and government organizations as well as public and private corporations, on the new federal privacy laws and provide expert assistance during the implementation of the requirements specified in the federal regulation.  The mission of the IDTRC is to assist identity theft victims with restoring their identities, and to implement local, state and national awareness programs regarding the federal requirements as well as educate on personal information security strategies.  IDTBS and IDTRC are members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and Consumer Federation of America (CFA), located in Washington, D.C.   Mr. Brown has published several articles, and is an expert consultant for local news outlets regarding identity theft, data loss and fraud cases.

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